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Home Insurance

What’s your biggest investment in life? We won’t be surprised if your home features somewhere high on your list. But did you know that your prized asset can go up in smoke when you don’t have home insurance? Yes, when you don’t carry home insurance from Tommelleo & Associates, your home is exposed to perils like theft, fire, vandalism, lightning, windstorms, and many more.

What does home insurance cover?

One of the biggest blunders you can make is failing to carry home insurance or purchasing inadequate home insurance coverage. In the process, you miss out on the below benefits.

  • Physical structure coverage: If your home structure or attached structures like the garage or porch are damaged by fire, storms, or any other covered peril, your home insurance should pay for the damages up to your policy limit.
  • Personal property coverage: If your clothing, furniture, or electronics get lost or damaged, your home insurance pays for the repair or replacement.
  • Liability coverage: Suppose someone injures themselves in your swimming pool? Or perhaps your dog bites someone? Without liability coverage in your home insurance, you will be expected to pay for medical costs, property damage, and legal suits out-of-pocket.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: If storms, fire, or any other covered peril damages your home, home insurance pays for the additional temporarily living expenses like hotel accommodation and meals.

While home insurance protects your home from many perils, a typical home insurance plan may not protect your home against floods and earthquakes. As a result, you may need to double-check with your agent to buy separate coverage.

Must I carry home insurance in Pennsylvania?

While no law requires you to carry home insurance, your lender might require you to buy standard home insurance as long as the loan facility is outstanding. Home insurance protects the lender from rebuilding or repairing your home in case of damage.

Home insurance in Pennsylvania

Do you want to learn more about home insurance? Or perhaps you are shopping or looking for an agent to renew your home insurance? Either way, contact Tommelleo & Associates, and we shall answer your queries and help you get the right home insurance coverage.

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